EP 83: Lynae Vanee, Creator of Parking Lot Pimpin'
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Writing is something that always came naturally to Lynae, but becoming gifted storyteller is how she found her true purpose. After a full-ride at Spelman College, Lynae wasn't clear on her career path so she went on to teach high schoolers and create a Black studies curriculum. Inspiration set in during the protests of June 2020 where she wanted to make difference in her own way, with words and education, launching a viral series called Parking Lot Pimpin'. Today, Lynae owns From The Lot, a business focused on her various creative pursuits collaborating with various brands such as Meta, Target, Revolt, Tommy Hilfiger, and Netflix, to name a few. Co-Founder of Claima and Former Nike Marketer, Bimma Williams interviews leading and emerging creatives and entrepreneurs of color about how they were able to build their own tables by turning their hobbies, side hustles, and ideas into thriving small businesses. From these stories, listeners will learn how to claim their dream careers by stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. Featuring Melody Ehsani, Dapper Dan, Jeff Staple, Karleen Roy and more. Follow Claima Stories and Bimma Williams on Instagram: @claimastories and @bimmawilliams And watch us Youtube powered by Vista. Vista is proud to be your go-to design and marketing partner for small business owners across the world. Use code CLAIMASTORIES at check-out on www.vistaprint.com to receive 20% off your next order of $75 or more plus free standard shipping.
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