Highlights - ANDRI SNÆR MAGNASON - Writer & Documentary Filmmaker - On Time and Water, The Casket of Time, LoveStar, Not Ok
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"If you look at the Himalayas, the frozen glaciers are feeding 1 billion people with milky white water. The real tragedy is if the Himalayan glaciers go the same way as Iceland. In many places in the world, glaciers are very important for agriculture and the basic water supply of people. So that's where I go into mythology in On Time and Water because in Nordic mythology, the world started with a cow, a frozen cow made of frost and snow. And it never made sense to me. But if you look at the Himalayas, how these frozen glaciers are feeding 1 billion people with milky white water that is better than normal water, then it makes total sense. Of course, the frozen cow - it's a glacier."
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