Nightcap - Hour 1: OJ Simpson passes, Cam Newton's comments on Club Shay Shay
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Shannon Sharpe and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson react to infamous former NFL star O.J. Simpson passing away at 76, new Pittsburgh Steelers QB Russell Wilson saying he "opened doors" for current black QBs, Cam Newton speaking out on Kirk Cousins' contract, and much more! 2:45 - Start of show 5:30 - OJ Simpson passes away from Prostate Cancer at 76  20:30 - Russell WIlson says he opened doors for a lot of black QBs 36:30 - Cam Newton weighs in on Kirk Cousin contract 46:30 - Cam doesn’t believe Jerry will let Dak become the leader he needs to become 52:30 - Was Tom Brady showing his true personality in New England? 01:00:00 - Tom Brady not opposed to a comeback? (Timestamps may vary based on advertisements.)      #Volume #Club See for privacy information.
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