The Bubba Dub Show - Haney vs Garcia, Bulls Beat The Hawks, Advice For Kanye, Jason Kelce Gets Trashh of the Day
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Bubba returns breaking down the glaring issues in the days leading up to the prizefight between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY (2:00). Plus, Dub recaps the Bulls dominant win over the Hawks and speculates as to where Trae Young could end up (4:00). Hint: it’s the Lakers. Also, a visit from Bubba’s Uncle Ray who talks about the greatest basketball player he’s ever seen, and it’s not Michael Jordan nor LeBron James (20:00). Then, quick updates on the TV show BMF (11:30), advice for Kanye West (9:00) and why former Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce gets “Trashh of the Day” (21:45). (Timestamps may vary based on advertisements.) #Volume #Club See for privacy information.
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