12 PM ET: O.J. Simpson dies, water rationing, HELP sign rescue & more
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O.J. Simpson has died at the age of 76 - we'll look back on his life. Israel's prime minister says his country is preparing for challenges outside of Gaza. Republicans are filing lawsuits over mail-in ballots, while also encouraging voters to use them. Colombia's capital is now rationing water for nine million people. Plus, how a rescue mission from a remote island in the Pacific turned into a family reunion. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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Jury deliberations in former President Donald Trump’s criminal hush money trial resume tomorrow after wrapping up for the day. More Israeli tanks have been seen advancing into the southern Gaza city of Rafah. All charges against top golfer Scottie Scheffler have been dismissed. A federal grand...
Published 05/29/24
Published 05/29/24
Former President Donald Trump’s criminal hush money trial is now in the hands of a jury. The Israeli prime minister’s national security adviser says the country expects “another seven months of fighting” in Gaza. Ukrainian soldiers detail how US-supplied military tanks are faring in the war with...
Published 05/29/24