Llama 3 is Here, Spending Time on Environmental Setup and More
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In this episode Joe introduces us to more security items you should be aware of in the world of CWE’s, Michael bends to the will of Joe and Allen in his favorite portion of the show, and Allen pontificates on the time spent setting up IDE’s and environments. Reviews – Thank You! Upcoming Events Topics […]
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Topics, Partitions, and APIs oh my! This episode we’re getting further into how Apache Kafka works and its use cases. Also, Allen is staying dry, Joe goes for broke, and Michael (eventually) gets on the right page. The full show notes are available on the website...
Published 06/09/24
Published 06/09/24
We finally start talking about Apache Kafka! Also, Allen is getting acquainted with Aesop, Outlaw is killing clusters, and Joe was paying attention in drama class. The full show notes are available on the website at https://www.codingblocks.net/episode235 News Intro to Apache Kafka What is it?...
Published 05/26/24