The Future of Cross-Chain Bridging with Alex Smirnov, Co-Founder of deBridge- Ep. 66
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Alex Smirnov, Co-Founder of deBridge is here to discuss the thought process behind the creation of deBridge and how the project aims to innovate and revolutionize blockchain bridges securely and efficiently! Timestamps [01:30] Intro [05:04] What is deBridge and how many cross-chains are supported? [07:40] What makes deBridge different? [11:50] Bridge vulnerabilities to hacks [18:31] What factors need to be considered, infrastructure and security-wise? [19:59] Are there any challenges faced when building? [28:54] Anything you'd like to share? [30:11] Addressing fragmented liquidity issues Watch the Podcast on Youtube Links deBridge: CoinGecko: Social Media deBridge: CoinGecko:
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