The Future of Multichain with SushiSwap w/ Sarang Parikh, Core Developer of Sushi – 72
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Sarang Parikh, core developer of SushiSwap is here to discuss everything you need to know about one of the most famous Defi platforms in the crypto space. Hot topics such as Layer 0, staying competitive, thoughts on multichain, and Sushi's long-term plan are all well covered in this podcast. Timestamp 1:35 Intro 2:08 How Sarang got into crypto 3:41 What is SushiSwap? 5:40 What is Sushi X Swap? 8:09 What is Layer 0? 18:38 How many chains do Sushi support? 19:42 How Sushi stays competitive 21:43 Opinion on DEXs building own cross-chain swaps? 23:13 Thoughts on multichain 27:50 Downsides of multichain 32:20 Sushi's long-term plan 34:30 Outro Links Sushi: CoinGecko: Social Media Twitter: CoinGecko:
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