To Get Better, You Have To Get Worse First... Usually
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Feeling stuck, things aren’t improving? Whether it’s your skills, the level of your current success, your relationship, your finances or your health... Often times, we hit a plateau and just can’t seem to improve doing the same things we’ve done before. Then it’s usually time to approach things from a different paradigm. But in order to do that, we have to be willing to get worse first, in order to improve. Without the willingness to do so, we’ll keep stagnating. Leave some feedback!
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Imagine having the life that every strives to have - you’re doing well financially, you just moved into a beautiful house in a peaceful town France with your wife and son - and then one day a tree hits you, you’re paralyzed from the neck down and the doctors tell you you’re never going to walk...
Published 02/26/20
Do you set a bunch of ambitious goals at the beginning of the year but find yourself losing motivation and slacking off after a few weeks? Same here. That’s why I’ve refined my goal-setting process to something that’s so simple yet so impactful that has allowed me to achieve what seemed like...
Published 12/19/19