Brandon Walker Returns With Some FIRE
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On episode 122 of Unnecessary Roughness: -Brandon returns. He tells us how he is feeling. Does he have any taste or smell? What does he miss most. He also grew a beard? -A discussion on Twitter about High Noon somehow turned into a debate about A&M and NDSU? -Brandon comes for the Fargo Dome? -CFB fans are such whiny little bitches -Trey Lance as an NFL QB? -ESPN released their 2021 FPI and boy did we have some takes. -The Real Housewives Of Death Valley -Where is the real Death Valley -Brandon wants a loser leaves town match for what game? -A Texas fan wrote a book about A&M -Katie joins late and we recap the entire show for her -We announce what next week's podcast topic will be.
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Kayce, Jack, and Katiebreakdown everything that happened in week 4 of college football including the podcast losing every game they were a part of. The 2007 vibes are immaculate at the moment. Clemson STINKS. Notre Dame may be one of the best teams in the country? Just an all-around chaotic week...
Published 09/26/21
On our week 4 preview: -We dive into every 3-0 team -Who are we buying? -Who are we selling? -Why do Jack and Kayce love Michigan so much? -Big trip to Chicago this weekend. -Is Matt Corral a real Heisman contender or just a September Heisman? -Which teams have we given up on too early? -Should...
Published 09/22/21
On our week 3 recap: -Brandon is FURIOUS with the Mississippi State officials -Should we apologize to Emory Jones? -The Pac 12 kind of stinks -Alabama can be beaten -Boise State got screwed over -The top QBs coming into the season have been....shaky -It's time to talk about Clemson -There are a...
Published 09/19/21