The benefits of growing older and wiser, with Johnnie Boden CBE, founder of Boden
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How do you evolve with your brand as a founder?  For over three decades Boden has been serious about style that makes you smile, and this week, Holly sits down with Johnnie Boden CBE to revisit his story since they first met in 2018.  Having weathered recessions, Brexit, Covid and now a cost of living crisis, Boden has established itself as a quintessentially British brand, that is also taking the US market by storm.  Johnnie shares his secrets of how he has kept Boden on track, how he defied the fashion fads that destroyed his rivals and the single most valuable piece of advice he has ever received. It’s a conversation about life as much as it is business, as Johnnie reflects on how he believes that growing up with his brand is the key to remaining motivated, passionate and in love with his company. If you enjoyed this episode, we think you’ll love Holly’s Conversation of Inspiration with Henry Dimbleby MBE, Co-founder of Leon. Plus for more unfiltered insight, subscribe to Holly’s weekly newsletters on our website, where she shares small business inspiration of all kinds, exclusive nuggets of wisdom from her and her guests, plus offers, creative ideas and topical, 'ungoogleable' business advice.
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