Rebuilding your body, mind and life after cancer, with Rosamund Dean, journalist, author and speaker
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“After breast cancer, you can’t get the old you back, not really. BUT you can build a new version of yourself; wiser, stronger, less fearful, more joyful, more aware, more compassionate and with a greater sense of purpose.” These are the words of Rosamund Dean, journalist, author, breast cancer survivor and also Holly’s incredible guest this week. Rosamund’s vulnerability in sharing her experiences so openly is helping countless other women to navigate their own path with this disease, and to be more aware of their wellness, at a time when cancer in the under 50s is rising globally. In this episode, Rosamund talks to Holly about the journey she has been on to rebuild her body, mind and life, and shares the highs and lows along the way. Rosamund also explains how she has navigated the world of medical treatment and surgery, and of how her experiences have not only shaped her perspective, but also her as a person. This is an episode not to be missed — full of soulful words of wisdom that will resonate with anyone who loves life and wants to seize the day. Please note that this episode contains discussion around cancer.  If you enjoyed this episode, we think you’ll love Holly’s Conversation of Inspiration with Kristin Hallenga, founder of Coppafeel. Plus for more unfiltered insight, subscribe to Holly’s weekly newsletters on our website, where she shares small business inspiration of all kinds, exclusive nuggets of wisdom from her and her guests, plus offers, creative ideas and topical, 'ungoogleable' business advice. 
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