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Amazing songwriter / violinist / dancer, Lindsey Stirling, has become on of the worlds most innovative and beloved performing artists. She's also a treasured friend, a fellow crafter & seamstress, and hilarious prankster. She is sparkle and light and brings joy to billions - yes, billions as evidenced by her YouTube viewers... and guess what? She's here with us today! We're having a long over due catch up on all things Lindsey, her newest album, "Snow Waltz" & the "Snow Waltz Tour", her viral Tik-Tok hit, "Sleigh Ride", and the opportunity to soak up some of her infections joy. Please join us! ~ Delilah See for privacy information.
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"Girls" is a love letter to Rachel Platten's children--perhaps to herself as well. And if you have daughters (or you ARE a daughter) you'll embrace it as your own. The singer/songwriter that brought you "Fight Song" always writes from her heart and we feel her music in ours. Join us for this...
Published 02/27/24
Published 02/27/24
You may know him (like I did) from the popular "Reacher" series, but it turns out there's  even more to Alan Ritchson than his ability to portray a swoony character with formidable strength and investigative prowess. He stars, alongside Hilary Swank, in the heartwarming movie, Ordinary Angels,...
Published 02/13/24