Ep.1 - Building the Base
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Tired of partisan politics? Hate what our nation has become? Finally want to sit down and listen to people agree on something? Too bad!   It's the inaugural episode and we're building a bunker! Watch the group argue on the layout of their perfect society as they discuss gerbil power, holographic basketball courts, and cocaine rations.
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Well, TONI bungled it and lost our last episode, which also happened to our season finale, but to make it up to you we've got a special treat. We're producing our first Co.cast radio play telling the thrilling tale of the destruction of the bunker and all the characters within it. All the old...
Published 07/19/21
Published 07/19/21
Time to talk about some laws! The gang has to respond to the recent response to a slew of petty crimes and has to finally lay down some laws.
Published 06/07/21