Story: From Project Management to Data Compression Innovator
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How do you accomplish something massive over time? I've had the chance to meet with a number of exceptional software developers and it's something I always wonder about.  Today, I might have an answer with the incredible story of Yann Collet. Yann was a project manager who went from being burnt out on corporate life to becoming one of the most sought-after developers in the world. What happens when you build something so impressive and valuable that it essentially becomes invisible? And how do you do that when your day job is mainly organizing spreadsheets and keeping timelines on track? Yann built LZ4 and ZStandard - two of the world's fastest compression algorithms that have transformed databases, operating systems, file systems, and much more. We'll go back in time to Yann's initial steps with programming, his game-changing discoveries along the way and how his devotion to data compression hobby led him to create something that saves billions of dollars worldwide. Episode Links Episode Page Bonus 17 - Accomplishing Hard Things Support The Show Subscribe To The Podcast Join The Newsletter  
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