Coronavirus Global Update
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The UK becomes the first country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine which targets both the original and Omicron variants of the virus. Also: Covid infection numbers surge in the Marshall Islands, Moderna announces its first vaccine facility in the Southern Hemisphere, and a date is set for schools to...
Published 08/15/22
Queues form outside hundreds of testing centres in the city's Chaoyang district. Also: the Peruvian government is urged to help poorer families affected by Covid, and the Indian politician Sonia Gandhi is being treated for Covid-19 in hospital.
Published 06/13/22
Sixty-six people are said have died, nine days after the outbreak was first acknowledged. Meanwhile, President Biden says the US has offered Covid vaccines to Pyongyang but has received no response. Also: China orders thousands of Beijing residents to relocate to quarantine hotels despite testing...
Published 05/21/22