C++ on a Watch with Brad Larson
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Rob and Jason are joined by Brad Larson from Garmin. They first talk about some of the papers headed to this week's ISO C++ meeting in Prague. Then they talk about Brad's work at Garmin running C and C++ code on watches and other embedded devices.   News Developer Ecosystem Survey Five Awesome C++ Papers for the Prague ISO Meeting Core C++ Announcement Links Garmin Connect IQ SDK Sponsors Write the hashtag #cppcast when requesting the license here One Day from PVS-Studio User Support  
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Rob and Jason are joined by Kevin Cadieux and Sy Brand. They first discuss a blog post on Memory Access Patterns and the Clang 10 release. Then they talk about C++ Build Insights, Kevin tells us how vcperf can be used to find places where build performance can be improved in your code. Sy then...
Published 03/27/20
Rob and Jason are joined by Jussi Pakkanen. They first discuss the ongoing effects that the Corona Virus is having on the C++ Community. Then they talk to Jussi Pakkanen who gives them an update on what's changed in Mesonbuild since he was first on show 201 episodes earlier. Jussi also shares...
Published 03/20/20
Rob and Jason are joined by Yuri Minaev from PVS-Studio. They first discuss a blog posts on ISO's recent decision not to break the C++ ABI in C++23 and getting rid of volatile in the Qt codebase. Then they talk to Yuri Minaev, one of the developers at PVS Studio working on the static analyzer....
Published 03/13/20