Episode 48: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
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On this edition of CTV, we shrink down to the backyard jungle that is the 1989 classic Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. We discuss how a duo known for horror films became the unlikely authors of this gem. We also discuss two big names that passed on the chance at playing Wayne Szalinski, and how the use of practical effects (for the most part,) still hold up today. Join us for all that and more as we review this beloved live action smash hit! Find Cracking the Vault on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram @CrackingtheVault_Podcast, and give us a follow and a review to leave your thoughts on Apple Podcasts! HUGE shout out to the multi-talented composer Tyler Griffin for the FANTASMIC opening jingle. Find out more about his musical genius at TylerAGriffin.com
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Published 08/03/22
Published 08/03/22
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