Episode 22: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Part 1)
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SANCTUARY! In this episode, we gaze upon the 1996 gem adapted from Victor Hugo's classic Gothic novel. In a first for Cracking the Vault, we split this topic into two episodes as we talk for nearly two hours about the first HALF of the film. We dive into the casting of this gem, the liberties taken with the Hugo classic to adapt it to the screen, and the pure evil that Disney presented in villain Claude Frollo.  During our Tangled episode, we debated who was the most evil Disney villain between Mother Gothel and Frollo...do both sides stand by their positions? Take a listen as we dive into this dark, powerful animated classic! Find Cracking the Vault on Facebook, Instagram @CrackingtheVault_Podcast, and give us a follow and a review to leave your thoughts on Apple Podcasts! HUGE shout out to the multi-talented composer Tyler Griffin for the FANTASMIC opening jingle. Find out more about his musical genius at TylerAGriffin.com
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