How to Experience Real Life Transformation P4
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As Christians, one of the key issues in our lives is whether or not we know who we are in Christ. If we do not understand that we are a spirit possessing a soul and living in a physical body, then we will go through life thinking that we are our body or our soul. Our body is what gives us authority in this world, but it is not the real person. We tend to be more familiar with our physical house than our genuine self, but when we are born again and become a new creation, the old self dies. We put on a new self created in righteousness and holiness, and we receive an entirely new nature that perfectly reflects God’s nature. To support the ministry financially, text "CDMPodcast" to 74483 or visit
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If we are to experience gender equality the way the Word of God describes it, we must be willing to set aside all stereotypes we have of males and females. Although men and women may not be seen as equals in the eyes of the world, they are in God’s eyes. The Bible goes to great lengths to teach...
Published 10/03/22
When we spend time with other believers, the message that we should die to sin is something we hear so often that it can become a cliché. We should definitely deal with this issue, but the problem is that the more we focus on not committing a particular sin, the more we find we are still sinning...
Published 09/26/22