The Creative Power of Words
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As born-again believers, what we confess with our mouths is tremendously powerful. Most Christians are defeated because they believe and confess the wrong things. We have the same authority that God has; just like Him, we have been authorized to bring things to pass by what we say. Right-thinking and the willingness to declare what we believe are crucial; we run into trouble when we speak things we do not believe. The authority we have works for good as well as for bad. It is therefore imperative to open our mouths and affirm what God has already said, and not what the enemy has said. Our words are containers carrying either faith or fear, and the results we experience are activated by what we say. Once we understand this spiritual law and are willing to put it into practice, there is no stopping us. To support the ministry financially, text "CDMPodcast" to 74483 or visit Message and Data rates may apply. You will receive a maximum of two text messages per user response. You can text the word "Help" for assistance or "Stop" to opt out. Visit to view Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
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