The Full Meaning of Grace
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Growing to maturity is part of life. This is true not just on the physical level, but also on the spiritual level. When we get born again, God saves us by grace; He then immediately begins working in us to grow us up from spiritual infants to fully mature adults in Christ. He does this through the Holy Spirit, who demonstrates to us God’s infinite love and undeserved favor. When we become new creations, grace cares for, nourishes and spiritually feeds the man that has been born in us. This is His love in action. We receive the blessings He wants us to have when we stop trying to earn them and simply receive them by faith.
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Believers have received the gift of righteousness and salvation from God. Just like any gift we receive, this was something we did not have to earn; it was given to us when we believed in Jesus Christ. It is permanent, and came because of our faith in what He did, not because of anything we do....
Published 04/08/24
As believers, it is important that we know the truth about our salvation: we were saved because of our faith in Jesus Christ. we did nothing to earn it; it was given as a gift from God. This directly contradicts religious thinking, which tells us that we must work hard for our redemption. Because...
Published 04/01/24