How to Work with Collections Collaboratively with Tšhegofatšo Mabaso
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How can curators work with collections collaboratively? Which methodologies have the potential to increase museums’ transparency? Is collecting necessary for institutions? What are living archives?  Join us in this inspiring episode with an artist and curator Tšhegofatšo Mabaso. Explore the context of working with collections and archives, uncover new modes of working within an institutional context and understand the importance of questioning the status quo.  To listen to the extended episode, try Call For Curators Membership, starting at €2.95/month:  Meet our guest, Tšhegofatšo Mabaso who is an artist, curator, and researcher based in Cape Town, South Africa. In her practice, she is interested in experimental approaches to knowledge production, exploring new curatorial methods and imagining new forms, whether for exhibitions, collections or institutions.  Collaboration influences her thinking, drawing on the wealth of knowledge and approaches collectives have offered us historically. Her current research looks to what queerness as a mode of being in the world offers and incites a critical and generative space for knowledge production and possibilities of radical futures.  Notable recent projects include: Territories Between Us, Iziko SANG (2021); it is a gathering of the elders with George Hallett, Michaelis Gallery (2022); - and counting (2019) Johannesburg Art Gallery. Curating Tools is a podcast exploring the practical aspects of curatorial work. Through conversations with some of the most prolific curators and art professionals in the creative sector, we aim to provide you with tools and advice to help you develop your curatorial practice. This podcast is brought to you by Call for Curators, providing professional art opportunities since 2012, and Node Center for Curatorial Studies, the pioneering e-learning platform for curators and art professionals founded in 2009. Follow Call For Curators on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Editing by Maria Cynkier. Intro music by Dan Carr.
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