Episode 25: And The Father Of Young Sapple Is...
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Banthar went out for a pack of cigarettes and never came back. The Results of the paternity test are revealed. Electra and Brock Stockton go back for the dumpster and the The Cyber Psychos finally agree on a plan to stop Councilman Garman from making his speech at his unification rally. Arasaka wants Night City to stay independent of the USA. Extra content on https://www.patreon.com/Cyberpsychos Jon Feist - GM, Production, and most NPC voices Nat Mundy - Scythe Brandon Kurkowski - Heretic Seth Farrell - Brock Stockton Mona Bender - Tennessee Tao "Remington" Fae Magic - Electra Ripley "E.R" Intro by DJ Flip Background and Outro music: By Tyler Mathson @barkionbeast on Instagram Brock's ringtone by: Nupel Productions @Nupelbeats Credit to R. Talsorian games: Cyberpunk Red Cyber Psychos YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EktJxzeBZ8&t=11s
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The Cyber Psychos have lost a few members of their squad but push on to The Lofts where The Red Chrome Legion is holding Sakura Sato. Militech is trying to beat them to her.
Published 06/06/24
It's cold in Minneapolis and our team is not dressed for this. The Cyber Psychos try to find Sakura Sato who has been kidnapped by The Red Chrome Legion because of her stance on border control. Militech is trying to take her out because of her stance on unification of the new US. It gets messy.
Published 05/09/24