2023 - Looking Forward
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In our last episode, we were joined by cyber security advisor Paul Brucciani and WithSecure Intelligence Researcher Andy Patel to discuss some notable 2022 infosec developments. Now that 2022 is in the rear-view mirror, all eyes are turning to the year ahead. What should we expect? Is there some disaster on the horizon for which we need to prepare? Conversely, are there any positive devlopments that we can look forward to? We're once again joined by Paul and Andy to discuss some of the trends we should look out for in 2023.  
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Advanced persistent threats, or APTs, are generally seen as a sort of apex predator in the cyber threat landscape. And while they’re certainly noteworthy, their reputation can distort what makes them unique, and what they may have in common with other adversaries. In this episode, we’re joined by...
Published 05/08/23
Published 05/08/23