Episode 5: Dr. Anna Joy Drury
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The fifth podcast on www.cyclostratigraphy.org is by Anna Joy Drury. She talks about a 30 million year long carbonate content and stable isotope record that she compiled for an ocean drilling site on Walvis Ridge, in the South-East Atlantic Ocean. In this podcast, Anna Joy discusses how climate and carbon cycle have been responding to astronomical frocing throughout the late Cenozoic. This discussion is based on scientific results, recently published in Climate of the Past. They also discuss how CODD, or Code for Ocean Drilling Data (Wilkens et al., 2017), was used to construct composite core images of the sedimentary sequence. The Intro music of this podcast is again an excerpt of a piece based on the North Atlantic Oscillation from the "Aphrodite's Dew" book and CD project by Arvid Tomayko and Sandro Montanari. Check out more of their work at arvidtomayko.com.
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Published 04/24/22
Published 04/24/22
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