Brené with Erika James and Lynn Perry Wooten on The Prepared Leader, Part 1 of 2
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It’s the first of a two-part series with Erika James, PhD, and Lynn Perry Wooten, PhD, about their new book, The Prepared Leader: Emerge from Any Crisis More Resilient Than Before. It’s completely tactical and has taught me so much about leading in a crisis — and unfortunately, we have not seen our last crisis. We talk about what leaders can do today to prepare for what’s next, as they add a fourth “p” to the triple bottom line framework (people, planet, and profit) for measuring a business’s performance — and that’s “preparedness.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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In this episode Brené and Barrett discuss their learnings on AI and social media and some of their favorite nuggets from each of the guests in the series. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Published 05/15/24
Published 05/15/24
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Published 05/08/24