"They have stepped in to quicksand thinking this was a political winner"
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Nicolle Wallace discusses a new covid variant fueling concerns globally. Plus, Republicans downplay the new variant, the 1/6 select committee could be ready to move on another contempt charge, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy allowing for extremists in his party to take over, Trump allies work to place supporters in key election posts, Michael Cohen calls Trump’s Big Lie a big grift, and a striking recent arrest in the DOJ’s 1/6 investigation. Joined by: Dr. Vin Gupta, Michael Shear, Claire McCaskill, Miles Taylor, Betsy Woodruff Swan, Donna Edwards, Charlie Sykes, Jocelyn Benson, Harry Litman, Ryan Reilly, and Dr. Kavita Patel
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Nicolle Wallace discusses the battle for voting rights as senators debate federal legislation. Plus, fissures among the Supreme Court justices, the White House resets its communication strategy, Florida Governor DeSantis proposes an election-monitoring police agency, and the Jan. 6th committee...
Published 01/18/22
Nicolle Wallace discusses the rising tide of hate in America amid the Texas synagogue standoff and the deadly subway attack against an Asian-American woman this weekend. Plus, Trump spreads covid misinformation, the Jan. 6th panel weighs subpoenaing their Republican colleagues, fake electors’...
Published 01/18/22
Published 01/18/22