“A vehicle for something far more sinister”
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Alicia Menendez – in for Nicolle Wallace – is joined by Tom Winter, Andrew Weissmann, Tim Miller, Lisa Rubin, Andrew Weissmann, Dr. Mamie McLean, Harry Litman, David Jolly, Rick Stengel, Dahlia Lithwick, and Ambassador Michael McFaul.
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Nicolle Wallace is joined by Andrew Weissmann, Susanne Craig, Charles Coleman, Vaughn Hillyard, David Folkenflik, Donny Deutsch, Lisa Rubin, Sarah Longwell, and Karine Jean Pierre.
Published 04/23/24
Published 04/23/24
Nicolle Wallace is joined by Vaughn Hillyard, Lisa Rubin, Susanne Craig, Harry Litman, Lachlan Cartwright, Tim O’Brien, Anna Bower, Charlie Sykes, Claire McCaskill, Barbara McQuade, Andrew Weissmann, Katie Phang, Neal Katyal, and Jeremy Peters.
Published 04/22/24