“His fate decided”
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Nicolle Wallace is joined by Vaughn Hillyard, Lisa Rubin, Susanne Craig, Harry Litman, Lachlan Cartwright, Tim O’Brien, Anna Bower, Charlie Sykes, Claire McCaskill, Barbara McQuade, Andrew Weissmann, Katie Phang, Neal Katyal, and Jeremy Peters.
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Nicolle Wallace is joined by John Heilemann, Paul Rieckhoff, Tim Miller, and Cornell Belcher – featuring another snippet of her conversation with Whoopi Goldberg.
Published 05/24/24
Published 05/24/24
Nicolle Wallace is joined by Sarah Longwell, Amy McGrath, David Jolly, Vaughn Hillyard, Frank Figliuzzi, Aric Toler, Dahlia Lithwick, Kimberly Atkins Stohr, Alicia Menendez, Charlie Sykes, Mara Gay, and Andy Kroll.
Published 05/23/24