“A slice of baloney far too thinly”
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Nicolle Wallace discusses a Senate report that details Trump's pressure campaign at the DOJ. Plus, Biden touts the success of vaccine mandates, Congress holds a hearing reviewing Arizona's election audit, a federal judge halts Texas's abortion law, a behind the scenes look at Trump's embrace of authoritarianism, and challenges women face in order to be taken seriously. Joined by: Katie Benner, Harry Litman, Jonathan Lemire, Sen. Dick Durbin, Dr. Kavita Patel, John Heilemann, Neal Katyal, Cecile Richards, Sen. Mazie Hirono, and Fiona Hill
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Nicolle Wallace discusses a new covid variant fueling concerns globally. Plus, Republicans downplay the new variant, the 1/6 select committee could be ready to move on another contempt charge, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy allowing for extremists in his party to take over, Trump allies work to place...
Published 11/30/21
Published 11/30/21
Nicolle Wallace discusses the conviction of 3 men in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Plus, the 1/6 select committee intensifies its focus on the failures of law enforcement, why cooperation from one witness could be very significant for the committee, judges weigh in on who they think should be held...
Published 11/25/21