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Week 91! Yes, we have skipped week 90 for technical reasons, it will be released but not until we can correct the issues. Now, WesVA has been caught up in life so we have all agreed to have a friend of ours fill in his place. This is the first week with Steven The Sorcerer joining us! From soccer and music, to weight loss and therapy, we cover lots of topics this episode! Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
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Published 02/09/24
Week 97! Our first episode of 2024, say what you want about how late it is to be published, but being on time wasn't part of our new year's resolutions! So let's talk about the crazy events already happening in 2024, like Jeffrey Epstein's naughty list for example. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice...
Published 02/09/24
Week 96! We cap off our 2023 with just two of the guys as they go through the typical New Year's resolutions lists. Eating healthier, spending time with family, and exercising are leading the way. What's on your New Year's resolutions list for 2024? Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:...
Published 01/12/24