Do We Have the CIA and FBI We Need?
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There are deep challenges facing the agencies of our government most responsible for our security (from the intelligence community to the FBI, the Secret Service to the Department of Defense.) They range from changing missions, the existence of right wing extremists within their ranks, sexual harassment and more. We have a conversation with former CIA officer and FBI agent Tracy Walder regarding the nature of those challenges and whether she thinks we're taking them. In addition, co-host Marc Polymeropoulos and Walder discuss their hopeful interaction with a younger generation that may have a transformative influence on these vital parts of our government. Join us. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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It turns out that peace in the Middle East is harder than it sounds. Between the elusive peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel and the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, the Biden administration has its work cut out for it. Thankfully, David and Jon are joined by Alon Pinkas and Barbara Slavin...
Published 09/29/23
Published 09/29/23
The Republican Party is falling apart before our very eyes. Between the anarchic second presidential debate and the impending threat of a destructive government shutdown, it’s clear that the party is not going quietly. David Rothkopf and Norm discuss all this and more. Learn more about your ad...
Published 09/29/23