The Nominees Are In... - Did Xbox Get Snubbed?
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For the fourteenth year in a row, Xbox is not going to be part of the Game Of The Year conversation. From fanboys to game developers, it feels like the industry has hit a boiling point when it comes to the way particular nominees are handled. Is it time for separate committees to be established for each category? Is it time to see The Game Awards for the marketing show is really is? Does any of this matter at all? We received a staggering amount of write-ins on the subject from all walks of life in the gaming world, so the Dukes are happy to oblige and get into the thick of things on this touchy subject. Meanwhile, this hasn't been a year to celebrate Call Of Duty as Modern Warfare 3 officially sits as one of the lowest reviewed releases in franchise history. With a fresh report on the tumultuous development cycle, the Dukes discuss how Xbox can approach this in the future to avoid such a blunder. They much tread carefully for they are tampering with one of the main money makers that led them to ABK in the first place. With much eagerness, we dive into this alongside Baldur's Gate 3 arriving to Xbox in December, Matt Booty's latest statement on Hellblade 2, the Steam Deck OLED, Dragon's Dogma 2 arriving soon possibly, and plenty more! Start hiring now with a $75 job credit at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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