Bethesda Is Responding To Starfield Reviews...
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As we approach The Game Awards, it looks like we won't be ranting on how Xbox missed the show again. Indeed, they have already confirmed that there will be important announcements at the show! With a very "Matty" angle on this news, the Dukes combine to speculate what Xbox could be bringing to the big stage. What's really made headlines is Bethesda's customer support who has taken it upon themselves to respond to the Starfield reviews being submitted on Steam. Is this a sign of insecurity? Is it normal for game companies to do this? We dig into what is a peculiar move by Bethesda this deep into the release. Plus, extended comments from Xbox on their future with AI, news on the next Call Of Duty, a fantastic update for Halo, and much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 02/25/24
Following weeks of rumors and speculation which led to multiple emergency Defining Dukes and even a business update event for Xbox, we finally have all the answers we desired. The games leaving Xbox are Hi Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea Of Theives, and Grounded, two of which were unveiled at a Nintendo...
Published 02/25/24
 After a week that felt like an eternity, we have arrived on the fateful day where Xbox discusses the future of their business. What's happening with exclusivity, Game Pass, hardware, and the brand's commitment to the future? To many, it was a nothing burger. Others have left with more questions...
Published 02/17/24