Jan-Werner Müller on Democracy Rules
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It really matters how you set up conflict and how you talk about the issue and above all how you talk about your adversary. That's where I see the decisive difference between those who tend to invoke the people, the common good and et cetera, in a way that is compatible with democracy and then those who talk in a way that, ultimately, is bound to be dangerous for democracy. Jan-Werner Müller A full transcript is available at www.democracyparadox.com. Jan is a professor of Social Sciences at Princeton University. He is the author of the books What is Populism? and Democracy Rules. Key Highlights Include What does it mean to be undemocratic in a democracyWhy populism threatens democracyRole of conflict in democracyWhat is militant democracy and is it democraticRole of the majority and opposition in democracy  Key Links Democracy Rules by Jan-Werner Müller What is Populism? by Jan-Werner Müller "False Flags" from Foreign Affairs by Jan-Werner Müller Related Content Chris Bickerton Defines Technopopulism Zizi Papacharissi Dreams of What Comes After Democracy More from the Podcast More Information Democracy Group Apes of the State created all Music Email the show at [email protected] Follow me on Twitter @DemParadox 100 Books on Democracy
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