Dr. James Dolezal - The Character of God
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Jonny Ardavanis is the Lead Pastor at Stonebridge Bible Church in Franklin, TN and the President of Dial In Ministries. He formerly served as the Dean of Campus Life at The Master’s University and as a Camp Director at Hume Lake Christian Camps. Jonny’s heart is to see people understand and love the Word of God and more so, to love the God of the Word. Jonny is married to Caity Jean and they have two precious daughters. Dial In with Jonny Ardavanis: Big Questions, Biblical Answers, is a series that seeks to provide biblical answers to some of the most prominent and fundamental questions regarding God, the Gospel, and the Bible In this episode, Jonny Ardavanis sits sits down with Dr. James Dolezal, author of “All That Is God” to discuss the character of God. Many people today view God as if He is composed of parts (10% justice, 20% sovereignty, 50% love and so forth) - Dr. Dolezal is going to explain to us why that is a faulty and dangerous way to view God. In coming to understand the character of God, we must come to terms with His simplicity, not that He is simple, but that He is not composed of parts. Watch Videos Visit the Website Follow on Instagram Follow on Twitter
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