#23 - TEN FEATURE FILM PITCHES UNLEASHED - Scott Wiser on The Directing Animation Livecast!
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Kevin Lima (Enchanted, A Goofy Movie, Tarzan) interviews Scott Wiser about his 7 new animated feature film pitches and the 3 that came before that.   Are you a producer or executive looking to collaborate with a visionary director on an Animated Film?  Go to https://www.scottwiser.com/collaborate and apply to see the In-depth pitches and exclusive content.  Contents:   0:00:00 Intro  0:04:59 #10. Chess Life  0:08:57 #09. Cecile & The Animal Spirits  0:14:55 #08. Nothing  0:19:23 #07. A Painter's Touch  0:24:45 #06. Kinderlateral  0:30:35 #05. The Unsingable Song  0:36:45 #04. Masked Magic  0:42:14 #03. Cirque De Solitude  0:47:08 #02. Layers  0:56:22 #01. Vanishing Ink  1:03:45 - How to access the in-depth Exclusive content for Producers and Executives Copyright Scott Wiser LLC 2021
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Originally recorded on YouTube Live Oct 2, 2021. Audio edited by Kiara Horowitz. Interview by Scott Wiser:  A Director at Spacestation Animation and creator of 10 deeply meaningful feature film pitches. Any producers or executives interested in collaborating or funding on Scott Wiser's projects...
Published 10/05/21
Published 10/05/21
Originally Streamed live on YouTube on Sep 10, 2021. Audio edited by Kiara Horowitz. Interview by Scott Wiser: Director at Spacestation Animation Creator of 10 original feature-film pitches at: https://youtu.be/Q7fhfy5awTs  Get updates from Scott Wiser by:  1. Subscribing to this channel and/or...
Published 09/20/21