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Information spreads quickly online and so does misinformation. The early days of the internet were an optimistic time but today people talk more about fake news than the information superhighway. Online misinformation touches every community; in this episode we look at the way it spreads in indigenous communities and how a history of colonisation makes the problem worse. In this episode you heard from: Jordan Tina Ngata Deen Sanders Music prior to credits: We Have Survived performed by DOBBY, licensed courtesy of Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The full transcript of this episode is available as a word document and PDF Artwork: Soft sculpture of tin can telephone by Rhonda Sharpe, Yarrenyty Arltere Artists. Image design by Pam Koger. This podcast is funded by Telstra
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Internet access might be something city dwellers take for granted. In town camps and remote communities across Australia, just sending an email isn't always straight forward.
Published 08/27/21
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