I am just an instrument of god
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You have come here to fully expand and be all that!
Published 07/06/21
Ruta and Tanja discussing the traumas stored in the womb and how important it is to clean it. Find the details here: https://linktr.ee/RutaKa www.discoveryourfemininepower.com
Published 07/05/21
Today we are speaking to Eve, a Tarot Reader. 🎴 Find Eve on Instagram: 🎴 https://www.instagram.com/everose999 https://www.instagram.com/rosereadstarot11 🃏 Find Eve on Facebook: 🃏 https://www.facebook.com/RosaLeeElTarot 👉 Listen to this on the Podcast to save data:...
Published 06/10/21