Episode 56 - Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin and Genevieve Sabourin (with Ian Luca Toledo) Part 1
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Dana does another deep dive and this time she has turned her eye to Alec Baldwin.  Alec Baldwin's first meeting with American yoga instructor, Hilaria Baldwin and her accent scandal... Our psychic/intuitive friend Hali has a connection to Hilaria and turned Dana onto a possible new lead involving Genevieve Sabourin. Genevieve was accused of stalking Alec Baldwin and found guilty in 2013... How do affairs with famous actors work? Contracts, deals, secret emails, and financial arrangements... Dana has guest and fan of the pod Ian Luca Toledo share a personal story about dating a celebrity... Dana happens to have quite an obsession with this particular celebrity and he has been covered on the pod many times... How does Genevieve describe what happened with Alec? Genevieve's criminal case... Who introduced Genevieve and Alec? Dana has done some sleuthing and looked into the similarities between Genevieve's claims and Alec's current situation with Hilaria... Do these celebrity deals really happen? Tom Cruise castings? Dana's interaction with Genevieve... If you want to watch Genevieve Sabourin's youtube titled "Alec Baldwin + "Hilaria Baldwin" mail ordered bride deal resulting into my #metoo injustice," you can find that here. A quick pivot to the Janet Jackson documentary... Ian begins to spill the tea on his date with Andy Cohen...  Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=47889672)
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