Episode 58 - Private Jets with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, The Murdock Family and Sunshine's Marriage to Chris Kattan! (with Sunshine D. Tutt-Kattan) Part 1
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Happy Holidays Everyone! To celebrate the holidays, Dana has long time friend, model and interior designer, Sunshine D. Tutt-Kattan on to talk about the good old days... For the first time publicly, Sunshine talks about her 8 year relationship with SNL legend and A Night at the Roxbury star, Chris Kattan, her 2 month marriage, and  the real reason for the split... Current state of crime in Los Angeles and how it has changed over the years... Dana was attacked by a pet parrot and the playboy mansion is involved... Sunshine's connection to Brandi Glanville... a love triangle with one of the founders of Casamigos, Mike Meldman. Brandi's late night behavior... Sunshine has quite the resume when it comes to her celebrity dating past... Steven Tyler, Kid Rock, Chris Kattan, and more...  A David Spade private plane Vegas story... Sunshine shares another jet story but this time Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Brooke Shields onboard... What did Chris Kattan do to potentially offend Tom? What are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes really like? Sunshine's relationship with Andrew Shack, former Executive Vice President and partner at Priority Records during the N.W.A. days and later a VP at Capitol Records. The dating past of Rick Solomon, who was famous for his sex tape with Paris Hilton. Some lessons on sleuthing through a lovers' home to find clues... Another one of Sunshine's past lovers was playboy Justin Murdock, related to the billion dollar enterprise that is the Dole Food Company... The Murdock family tragedies... How was Dana involved in the demise of Sunshine's marriage to Chris Kattan?? What was their wedding like? Which celebrities were in attendance? Jennifer Coolidge, Parker Posey, Will Farrell, and Charlie Sheen to name a few... How was Dana involved in the demise of Sunshine's marriage to SNL alumni Chris Kattan?? Check out Sunshine's Sublime Interior Designs here! Follow Dana: @Wilkey_Dana Follow Casey: @CaseyHanley $25,000 Song - Apple Music $25,000 Song - Spotify To support the show and listen to full episodes, become a member on Patreon To learn more about sponsorships, email [email protected] Dana’s YouTube Channel Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=47889672) Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=47889672)
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