Ep 122 Reality Producer's Darkest Secrets, Bad Girls & Rehabs!
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Part of Dana's Hollywood Secrets series, we dive into the dark games that Hollywood Reality Show Producers play that they DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW.    Many reality show producers actually struggle with their conscience with their dirty deeds and mind games they play on their reality stars... After Dana shares all of their tricks with you, she tells  you the worst examples and we get shocked together... How it impacted these reality stars when they went off the show and how some talent never recover...like on Real Housewives' of Beverly Hills! This is a deep dive that you will not easily forget and in the end you will wonder how far will reality TV go....are we just like the Romans getting off on people being eaten by lions, why do we get so excited by the dark side... We go into legal battles and a true crime story related to Bad Girls Club... The shocking failures of Celebrity Rehab and that brings us to Tom Sizemore's death and one of his last conversations he has before he dies and you wont believe what is said to him by Nicholas Cage's brother!  Support the showDana is on Cameo! Get Dishing Drama Dana Merch! https://represent.com/store/dishing-drama-dana-wilkey Follow Dana: @Wilkey_Dana $25,000 Song - Apple Music $25,000 Song - Spotify To support the show and listen to full episodes, become a member on Patreon To learn more about sponsorships, email [email protected] Dana’s YouTube Channel
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