Oh, Pretty Woman - Pretty Woman
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WALKING DOWN THE STREET We have a rare case of That Movie From That Song on this week's episode of That Song From That Movie, as we are covering the romcom Pretty Woman. So obviously (for some) the song we are covering is "Oh, Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison. Dietrich has the squeakiest chair known to mankind causing him audio issues, Alex's microphone stand is slowly breaking causing him audio issues and Ben is speaking into a tin can causing him audio issues. Follow us on Twitter: @TSFTMpod Like, share and subscribe... mercy. Please consider leaving us a 5 star review wherever you listen to your podcasts (Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Spotify etc). It means a great deal to us and makes it easier for other potential listeners to find us. Want to support us further? You can do this on Patreon from £1 ($1.50) a month: https://Patreon.com/TSFTM or via our merch store: https://TeePublic.com/user/TSFTM Thank you! Timestamps: 00:01:27 - What Have We Been Watching 00:05:21 - History 00:09:34 - Movie Discussion 00:17:41 - Box Office and Awards Season 00:19:06 - Production 00:20:40 - Overall Soundtrack 00:25:00 - "Oh, Pretty Woman" Discussion 00:36:25 - Cover Versions 00:40:07 - Top 5 00:44:31 - Movie or Song?
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