The Songs of Back To The Future
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GREAT SCOTT! They finally let Dietrich off the lead! And a wild Dietrich left to his own devices will talk about the TV show Lost or the movie Back To The Future ...and seeing as this is a movie podcast, you can guess which one he picked. We cover the 3 main songs: "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News, "Back in Time" also by Huey Lewis and the News, and Marty McFly's cover of Chuck Berry hit "Johnny B. Goode". Ben explains his Barbie Oppenheimer order decision, Dietrich dishes out wedding music advice and Alex prepares to go to war on behalf of Return of Oz. Find us on Twitter, Instagram and Threads: @TSFTMpod Like, share and subscribe. Come on, do it! You chicken? Did you enjoy the episode? Then please consider leaving a 5 star review wherever you get your podcasts. It means a great deal to us and makes it easier for other potential listeners to find us.  Want to support us further? You can do this on Patreon from £1 ($1.50) a month: or via our merch store: Thank you! Timestamps:01:04 - What Have We Been Watching06:45 - History10:36 - Movie Discussion18:39 - Production Issues29:04 - Critical Reception & Awards Season30:37 - "Earth Angel" (Quick) Discussion31:38 - "The Power of Love" Discussion38:55 - "Back in Time" Discussion42:31 - "Johnny B. Goode" Discussion48:10 - Top 552:24 - Movie or Song? AND Best Song?
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