095: The Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur with Tabita Dietrich
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  Places to Find Tabita: Website for The Art of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur.    Show Notes: 3:30 minute: Where are you from and what was life like for you growing up? Grew up in Switzerland in an abusive family.  “No matter where you come from, it's not an excuse for continuing on that path.” “These things can heal within a lifetime.” Taking responsibility and deciding to live. 8:00 minute: I imagine there was a lot of anger there, how did you move from this place of whatever you were feeling, anger or something else, to actually recognizing you had the power to change how you react and how you respond? Five near death experiences forced her to make that change.  Moving out of her family’s house when she was a teenager. Began to devour any personal development and self improvement content she could get access to. 13:00 minute: The fact you were able to turn those struggles you went through into your strength and use that to form a business is incredible. Take us back to the experience where you’ve started to build a business and end up in prison, tell us about that? Had drugs planted in her bag on way to airport resulting in two years in prison abroad. Had to give up on the false image of success she had prior to this experience. 17:00 minute: Were you able to recognize in the moment as this was happening that you needed to make a change mentally or was it not until after it was all over? How did you create the mental fortitude to make it through those two years? Made the decision she was going to make the best of it, was going to use it as a way to grow. 19:30 minute: How do you get to a place of forgiveness for your friend who got you into this? The only harm you are doing is to yourself, not the person who you won’t forgive.  “Whatever happens in my life, I’m not a victim of the circumstances I always get to choose how I react and what I make out of the situation.” 23:00 minute: You’ve transformed yourself to be able to support other people in their own journeys and help them get to the same place of healing and power that you have found. In your experience working with entrepreneurs do you believe it is necessary for someone to heal their personal and emotional wounds in order to reach success in their business? The benefits of working on these things for everyone, entrepreneurs included. 28:00 minute: What are the changes you tend to see happen in someone's business once they go through this process of getting in touch with their inner child and healing themselves? “You step into bigger awareness of what's coming next and you allow yourself to go after it and know it is meant for you.” 33:00 minute: You touched on the money mindset, what do you see as being the biggest shift that most entrepreneurs need to make around money or their relationship with money? This is not about you, this is about change that can happen globally. Knowing your worth; delivering a transformation.
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