101: How To Be An Inclusive Leader with Jennifer Brown
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This week's guest is Jennifer Brown. Jennifer is a leading diversity and inclusion expert, dynamic keynote speaker, best-selling author, and host of The Will To Change podcast, which uncovers true stories of diversity and inclusion. As the founder and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, Jennifer’s workplace strategies have been employed by some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Microsoft, and Starbucks, and as a successful LGBT entrepreneur, she’s been featured in media including the New York Times, Bloomberg Business week, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and many more.   Where to follow Jennifer: Her website can be found here. On Instagram @JenniferBrownSpeaks Her latest book, "How To Be An Inclusive Leader", can be found here.   In this episode we cover the following topics with Jennifer: (2:30 minute) Growing up in a frugal financial environment and learning to take the best skills from each parent. (7:30 minute) Her story of coming out; finding that career sweet spot. (16:00 minute) The myth of meritocracy and our collective troubles with comfort.  (24:30 minute) How we show up to work. (26:00 minute) Building community and diversity in the workplace. (38:00 minute) Helping create a grassroots event for LBTQ leaders to come together and combine resources to learn and grow together.
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