Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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Everybody knows actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus for her iconic roles as Elaine in “Seinfeld” and Vice President Selina Meyer in “Veep.” In this Season 3 finale of Don’t Ask Tig, Julia talks about her childhood dreams of acting and what she’s learning from guests on her new Lemonada Media podcast “Wiser Than Me” (link.chtbl.com/wiserthanmepodcast). Tig and Julia can’t stop laughing over their advice to a woman who needs help getting sexy with her husband, what to do about a mom with a raunchy sense of humor and a listener who has a crush on her boss’s boss. This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp (go to Betterhelp.com/TIG for 10% off the first month of online therapy), Greenlight (go to greenlight.com/million to get $10 when you sign up today for a Greenlight account) and Indeed (visit indeed.com/TIG for a $75 sponsored job credit). Don't Ask Tig is supported by listeners like you. Donate today: https://support.americanpublicmedia.org/dontasktig-podcast Need advice? Submit your question for Tig at dontasktig.org/contact.
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