DtSR Episode 496 - How to Win Friends and Influence CISOs
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Prologue Have you noticed that the relationship between buyer and seller, or more precisely, between CISO and seller is... eh ... tenuous lately? OK, maybe it's a lot worse than that in some cases. Why is that? How did we get here? And how do we fix a relationship that is quite clearly necessary, but just so broken? Yaron Levi, long-time industry veteran joins Rafal to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the CISO - vendor relationship.   Guest Yaron Levi LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yaronrl/ 
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Prologue As some of you know, I've been either in the AppSec space, or adjacent, since the fairly early days. I built a program at GE a million years ago, and worked selling dynamic web app testing software for many years. If you've been in the space, you can feel a little bit hopeless with all...
Published 06/28/22
Prologue RSA Conference 2022 has come and gone. Rafal was there for all the circus and madness, and sits down with James to discuss what was seen and heard. Also, you'll get some clips in here from some of the interviews from the show as Rafal caught up with some interesting vendors, old...
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Prologue In this RSA conference-themed episode, I bring on Jonathan Barnett from OpenText Security Solutions to discuss DNS turning 40 years old. Yeah, it was originally invented in 1983 y'all. As DNS turns 40, some of the lingering problems are getting worse, some of the new solutions open up...
Published 06/07/22