DtSR Episode 504 - DNS Turns 40
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Prologue In this RSA conference-themed episode, I bring on Jonathan Barnett from OpenText Security Solutions to discuss DNS turning 40 years old. Yeah, it was originally invented in 1983 y'all. As DNS turns 40, some of the lingering problems are getting worse, some of the new solutions open up other problems, and we're all about solutions here so we tackle some of the things Jonathan is doing to address the issues. Interesting episode to ponder, and reflect on, as DNS turns 40 years old next year and we try and figure out "now what?" Guest Jonathan Barnett LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-barnett-61417313/ OpenText Security Solutions: https://security.opentext.com/?_ga=2.120496974.732014807.1654199211-1391672637.1654199211 
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